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Mia Arawi 29 Jun 2021

Civil Defense Trucks In Danger Due To Low Fuel Supply

As the entire country dips into crisis after crisis, everyone from the average citizen to the most essential worker is paying the price.

The newest addition to this reel of crises are the crucial firefighting and rescue mission trucks of Lebanon’s Civil Defense. It appears as though these trucks are experiencing a shortage of fuel supply that may result in them no longer being able to carry out missions. A troubling message sent to us by an anonymous firefighter showed the true extent of the crisis:

In the message, it is revealed that the state has not supplied Civil Defense trucks with fuel nor diesel for over 6-months now, with volunteers being forced to fuel the firefighting trucks with their own money.

The fuel crisis has been in utter free-fall for months now, with no real remedies being presented by those in power. Moreover, a broke treasure and a collapsed state unfortunately translate into cost cutting even the most vital of needs.

Some gas stations around Lebanon have provided special lines for Red Cross EMTs and doctors.