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Tanya Maalouf 04 Jul 2021

15 Lies Every Lebanese Woman Has Told Her Partner

We’ve all told at least a lie or two to our partner. How many can you check off the list?

1. “Baby, I’m studying right now, can we talk later?”

But you’re sitting in your bed…rotting but you just CANNOT right now.

2. “It really doesn’t matter where we go hayete, as long as we’re together”

News flash, it DOES matter where we go.

3. “I’m not jealous”

*cocks gun*

4. “Yalla bas 10 d2ayi2”

Also code for “Yalla 3 hours w bkoon hadra”

5. “I won’t be late, I promise”

Not late in lightyears maybe…

6. 11. “Alsan ref2tak el banet ma bi hemmune w ma baaref shi aanun”

Not like you stalked all of them or anything.

7. “My parents love you”


8. “Your mom is the cutest thing, 3anjed ktir mahdume”

Eh…ktir mahdume…

9. “Wahyetik ma fi shi ze3jne”

But know if you don’t insist eno fi shi then we’re breaking up.

10. “Khalas rah ensa el mawdou3 w etkhata”

But will proceed to remind you about it 10 years later.

11. “Manne ze3lene! Khalas fik tnem”

W eza bi nemo bet3asbo.

12. “Ktir tayeb aklik hayete!”

Apparently love makes you blind and lose your sense of taste.

13. “Wahyet Allah they’re just a friend, you’re cuter anyways”

Never go there.

14. “You know my life has no meaning without you”