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Beirut.com 02 Jul 2021

Here’s How Much A Knefeh Costs At These 9 Places

Last week, we shared with you How Much A Falafel Sandwich Costs and How Much A Shawarma Sandwich Costs. Now, its time for Knefeh.

Do you still remember when we used to pay 4,000 LL or 5,000 LL AT MOST for a good old cheesy Knefeh?

Unfortunately, prices have changed. We called 9 spots around Lebanon to find out how much they’re selling Knefeh for these days:

1. Sea Sweet, Furn el Chebak

Price: 25,000 L.L

2. Rafaat Hallab 1881, Jbeil

Thin-crust kaake: 20, 000 L.L

Thick kaake: 25,000 LL

3. L’abeille D’or, Ashrafieh

Small kaake: 20, 000 LL

Big Kaake: 25, 000 LL

4. Amal Bohsali, Kouraytem

Price: 25,000 LL

5. El Karout Sweets, Zeidanieh

Price: 13, 000 LL

6. Safsouf Sweets, Tariq el Jdide

Price: 10, 000 LL

7. Douaihy Sweets, Sassine Square

Price: 25,000 LL

8. Al Baba Sweets, Tayouneh

Price; 25, 000 LL

9. Maison Sibon, Antelias

Price: 25, 000 LL