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Beirut.com 06 Jul 2021

17 Things We Remember About Brevet Official Exams

After a long anticipated decision, Lebanese Minister of Education Tarek Majzoub has (finally) announced the cancellation of official exams for Brevet students for this year. This made us reminisce all the “specia”l times we had during examination. Here’s what we remember:

1. Stepping into your assigned school and seeing all your friends panic

Which caused you panic even more, especially when they start reviewing the material last minute.

2. Finding out which class you are, and praying you’re with your best friend

Or with the smartest kid in class, just so…you know.

3. Meeting the other kids from different schools and creating alliances

You never know when you might need them.

4. And when people suspect you’re smart, they try to befriend you

5. Hearing that school bell and shitting your pants

You don’t know what real fear sounds like until you hear that horrible sound.

6. Trying to figure out how you can sneak in that rachetta

W betkoono ketbin nos droos el terikh 3ala war2a ktir zghire. More advanced students printed a mini kteb terikh.

7. Bringing the massive shamel with you to examination

Eno leh?

8. Always figuring out how to write your ID number in Arabic

Kenna netlabbak w ne3tal ham eza ketbeena ghalat all week.

9. Your lovely classmates that share their rachetta with

THIS is where it gets creative.

10. The classmate that lies to you and tells you “MANNE DERIS”

*Finishes the 3 hour long exam in half the time*

11. The one who always asks if they have a pen or calculator

When will you learn to get your own?

12. Those supervisors that drink ahwe and give you the death stare

And you realize you can’t cheat.

13. But the other supervisors that make sure no one is passing by while you’re cheating

Ahla 3alam. Wouldn’t have passed Brevet without them.

14. Your “Brevet Crush”

That you’ve had one interaction with and always looked forward to seeing them, even though you won’t ever meet again for the rest of your life.

15. Moms lining up at the gate waiting for you to tell them how you did


16. The excessive heat in those classrooms

Fi marwaha bas ma bteshteghel.

17. And finally, the message you receive after its all done

And that big sigh of relief when you read the words “Najeh”.