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Katerina Hakmeh 08 Jul 2021

This Canadian Initiative Is Bringing Baby Formula To Lebanon

Have you heard of Immediate Impact for Lebanon?

This amazing initiative has launched several calls for donations to send baby formula to Lebanon as the country has been dealing with a severe economic crisis and shortage of goods.

The baby formula shortage is but one of to the food security problems brought on by the economic meltdown, a problem only made worse by Lebanon’s dependance on imports for supplies. Soaring inflation has also hindered imports and lowered purchasing power.

Parents found themselves looking for baby formula in pharmacies across the country to no avail. While it is possible for adults and older children to live on minimal food, non-breastfed babies can’t survive without formula. Approximately, 200,000 babies are affected and the number is growing every day.

For this reason, thanks to the generous help of their donors all across Canada, they have been able to secure 20 boxes (for a total of 480 cans) of formula for babies under 6 months old. The distribution of the baby formula will reach several regions and not just certain areas. These products will be going directly to people that need it, without undergoing any governmental processing.

So far, boxes have been distributed all across Lebanon: North, South, Bekaa, and Beirut and they are currently working on covering more areas. Immediate Impact for Lebanon is also working on shipping a container from Turkey to get the most stretch for every dollar donated to help as many families as possible.

They need your support to keep this initiative going for an extended period of time and to help them reach their goal of assisting families throughout the entire country.

Share, spread awareness, and normalize reaching out for help. If you are interested in helping out with “Immediate Impact for Lebanon”, you can make a donation through their