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Beirut.com 13 Jul 2021

This Stunning Hotel In Baalbeck Dates Back To 1874

One & only, The Palmyra Hotel attracts a mix of global travelers, some from Lebanon itself, others from other countries. Soak in the nature around you and relax!

The Palmyra hotel feels like a serene oasis and has a rich history which dates back to 1974, no matter if you’re taking a nice stroll in nature, by one of the magnificent temples or winding down in your traditional view room. Take in spectacular views that bring alive our glorious past dreams.

The Palmyra hotel is the perfect place to stay and celebrate your special days, private dining, weddings, meetings or parties. With a unique atmosphere and stunning views overlooking the beautiful Baalbek, Palmyra Hotel can cater for any special occasion – the perfect place to create a moment!

Enjoy casual dining & lunching and a diverse menu offering Lebanese and traditional Mediterranean cuisine, from “Fatteh” and “Sfihha” platters and cold and hot mezze to grilled potato kibbeh and organic salads. The “batata harra” is a must-try – Lebanese authentic food in a soothing ambiance at its best.

Perhaps our favorite thing about the rooms here are their fragrances and gorgeous view of the Baalbek temple. Can you imagine waking up in a suite with breathtaking view over magical Baalbek? Their rooms are decorated to help you unwind in an authentic traditional Lebanese setting, overlooking the stunning views of the city – in addition to a relaxed, artsy vibe.

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