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Taleen El Gharib 12 Jul 2021

Pharmacist Assaulted Over Inability To Provide Medication

As more and more medications disappear from the market, people have grown increasingly desperate to secure what they can from empty pharmacies. This crisis has not only put people in danger, but also innocent pharmacists who are routinely experiencing verbal and physical violence from desperate citizens.

Pharmacist Ali El Bazzal, owner of Al Shifaa Pharmacy in Aramoun, fell victim to an armed assault. The perpetrators were a man and his wife, who asked the pharmacist for medication that was out of stock for months. When El Bazzal refused, the two became increasingly violent, proceeding to attack and threaten the pharmacist, as well as vandalize the pharmacy.

The two fled the scene, but the authorities are currently working on identifying the perpetrators through security footage from the pharmacy.