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Beirut.com 12 Jul 2021

15 Obvious Questions Lebanese People Ask

What is it with Lebanese people and asking obvious questions that are bound to make you speechless?

1. Turns on the switch knowing there’s no electricity

Yiii? Ma fi kahraba?

2. *Turns on water to shower*

Ma fi may?

Enno mbayan ma fi may? La2an ma fi shi aam yenzal?

3. *Parents wake you up*

Shu? Ba3dek neyme?

4. *Calls the landline*

Shu waynik bel bet?

5. *Neighbors parked in front of you*

Badak temro2?

6. Sorry, ble2e 3andak srafet $100?

Badik srafe?

7. *Comes back home*


8. *Bumps into you at the airport*

Shu msefar?

9. *When the cashier is bagging your one-thousand items*

B7atelik yehon bi kees?

10. *Sees you getting dressed*

Shu dahra?

11. *Listens to you blowing your nose and coughing*


12. *Sees engagement photos on social media*

Shu mbayan khatabte?

13. *Visits family/friends*

Mbayan 3enna!

14. *Opens door for delivery guy*

Talbeen akel?

15. *Knocks on bathroom door*

3am tet7amame?