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William Daou 14 Jul 2021

7 Must Try Sandwiches Around Lebanon

Sandwich lovers, this one’s for you. Here are some of our favourite must try sandwiches around Lebanon!

1. Octopus Sandwich from George Maalouf

One of a kind and absolutely delicious! The best damn octopus sandwich can be found at George Maalouf Kitchen! Marinated to perfection, salty and perfectly seasoned, this will knock your socks off.

2. Samke Harra from Abou Fadi

A well known spot in Mina called Abou Fadi! They don’t call him Malek el Samkeh el 7arra for nothing. A generous sandwich of grilled fish, fresh veggies, and a heavenly sauce.

3. Moghrabieh Sandwich from Al Dabbousi

Al Dabbousi is one of the local snacks in Tripoli that specialize in wrapping homemade moghrabieh (with or without chicken) in a loaf of freshly baked Arabic bread!

4. Basterma Sandwich from Mano

Mano serves up the best shawarma around town, and their speciality? Basterma Shawarma that is roasted to perfection.

5. Shawarma from Kronfaly

A traditional shawarma mix that will make you want to smother yourself in toum, trust us.

6. Chicken Sandwich from Farrouj el Achkar

Broumana residents know all about this incredible spot. Enjoy delicious sandwiches and unbeatable rotisserie chicken, Lebanese-style.

7. Falafel Sandwich from Abou Nabil

A delicious falafel sandwich, freshly made and loaded with only the best ingredients!