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Katerina Hakmeh 17 Jul 2021

7 Delicious Fruit Cocktails To Try In Lebanon

Lebanon’s best cocktail places take things to the next level when it comes to mastering tasty mixes. And since we’re all finding ourselves in search of a cold beverage amid this heatwave, we’ve compiled a list of the best cool and tasty cocktail places in town.

1. Tutti Frutti, Zalka

It’s one of those fast-moving, high-volume shops that runs like clockwork. They make the best mocktails and cocktails you will ever taste. Tasty mixes topped with heaping spoons of creamy ashta and honey. Take a break and come enjoy their fantastic colorful rainbow smoothie!

2. Tasty Bees, Beirut & Choueifat

Shop your favorite cocktail in alcoholic or non-alcoholic version at Tasty Bees – or have them deliver straight to your door! If you haven’t tried their new cool mint shake yet, today’s the day!

3. Sam’s Cocktail, Furn el Chebak

This casual place is the ideal spot to enjoy a variety of smoothies, handcrafted cocktails, ice cream flavors, and something called Olympic: vanilla, nuts, fresh fruits, and cream – it’s all in there!

4. Jhonny’s Cocktail, Baouchrieh

Their delicious cocktails with strawberry and bitter orange are the perfect combination of tart and naturally sweet that will quench your thirst and leave you wanting more. If you haven’t tried their avocado cocktail, you’re definitely missing out!

5. Mixer Juice, Sidon

There’s always fun to be had in Siddon! Shop till you drop, enjoy delicious pastries, sip on cocktails, and experience a Mediterranean and handcrafted pastries. Crepe lovers, this one is definitely for you.

6. Al Antabli

One of the oldest shops in Lebanon, Al Antabli is one of Beirut’s most interesting – and prettiest – cocktail places. Along with gorgeous interiors, they also have a delicious selection of cocktails loaded with ashta, fruits, honey, and nuts!

7. Papaya Cocktail, Tripoli

Papaya is the perfect place for unique and stunning cocktails in a beautiful setting. We recommend The Fraise Mou cocktail, a delicious mix of strawberry juice, fresh strawberries, ginger, honey and lime – enjoy Papaya’s varied range of inventive and classic cocktails.