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Beirut.com 17 Jul 2021

Zmrd Social Space: A Feel-Good Spot For All

Most of us are currently feeling drained and are looking for spaces that feel like oases amongst the chaos. That’s why we’re happy to report that there is a spot in Furn El Chebbek that is going to give you all the feel-good hormones you need to brighten up your week.

A place dedicated to creating cultural events and connections, Zmrd Social Space is all about good energy and giving back to the community. Recharging your energy comes easily at Zmrd, providing a safe space for all filled with the right people. Whether you drop by for a beer, a hearty bite, or to do a little shopping at their atelier, you’re in for a treat. For those who want to be transported back to the good old days, don’t miss out on Zmrd’s amazing oud and music nights, filled with fun, laughter, and of course the best songs.