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Tanya Maalouf 18 Jul 2021

9 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re The Third Wheel

It’s all fun and games until you find yourself third wheeling with a Lebanese couple in an awkward situation.

Here are a few things you’ll relate to if you’ve ever been the third wheel:

1. The PDA. Oh, dear god, the PDA

When you have watch them slow kiss and awkwardly turn away. Act like you’re texting every single time.

2. When they’re not paying attention to you at all

And you start to think “WHY DID I EVER AGREE TO THIS?”

3. When they start fighting over something completely useless

Worst is when they ask you for your input on who is right.

4. And you’d have to watch them make up

Cue the disgusting kissing again.

5. When they ask you to take photos, every 7 seconds

And you don’t have a choice.

6. When one of them runs into an ex

“Ma32ool betsallim 3laya w ma bet 3arrefa ene sa7ebtak?”

“Leh hek 3am yed7aklik?”

7. When they’re trying to pick a restaurant

“Hay ekher marra bes2alik wen badik tekle”

“Enta na22e ana kel marra b2arir!”

8. When they finally settle on a restaurant but it turns out to be awful

So they fight again…

“Kel marra betna2e mat3am w betdaf3ine masare byetla3 adrab men li ablo”

“Shu ba3melak iza ma bye3jbak el 3ajab?”

9. When they finally drop you off home

“Khalina n3ida eh? Tsalayna ktir!”