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Tanya Maalouf 19 Jul 2021

Coffee Lovers, Check Out This Hidden Gem In Aley

Looking to explore a happy spot in Lebanon?

Cafe Noel is a roaster and cafe in the heart of Aley that sells the highest quality coffee beans and other organic products you’re going to love. It’s truly a hidden gem and has been in the coffee business for many years now.

With their rustic decor, comfortable seating, and the marvellous smell of roasted coffee beans, stepping in will feel just like home. You’ll instantly be transported back in time when you lay eyes on their candy selection that will remind you of dikkeneh runs with your teta. Grab a cup of coffee and pair with a bar of chocolate for maximum enjoyment.

Don’t forget to chat with their expert baristas to pick out some beans to take home!

If you’re also looking for expert selections of organic spices, varieties of nuts, and dried fruit, this place is dedicated to giving you just that.

Cafe Noel has expanded and opened many new branches, but their first location in Aley remains the original source for the best damn coffee you’ll ever taste. We recommend stopping by at one of their locations, taking a seat in their homespun shop, and enjoying some good coffee.

Another place to add to your coffee must-taste bucket list!