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Beirut.com 19 Jul 2021

A League Of Their Own: 7 Success Stories

If you take a quick look around, you will realize that the world is falling apart. But then take another and spot the women out there, mothers, partners and self-made entrepreneurs – who carved out a path very early on!

Check out this distinct tribute to Jouhaina, Rula, May, Chadia, Katie, Hilda, and Yolla and follow their work. Don’t hesitate to share stories and tell us about the women who shaped you early on, and undoubtedly our world.

Meet Jouhaina Taysoun

Founder of Jahna’s, seasonal artisanal products, rooted in her past to preserve our own collective traditions. Check out her blog Hkeeli, website, an Instagram account dedicated to her marvelous bakes, @bakedbyjahna, and an Instagram ac for acquainting yourself with all her marvelous products @jahnas_seasonal_products and subscribe to the local greatness for yourself. Gourmet artisanal cakes, jam, sumac to name a few, available in select shops near you.

Meet Rula Hilal Karam

Guardian of early schooling and wonder years at the David Karam School in Koura, Rula’s legacy also lies in Inner Wheel Lebanon (IWL), a network she founded from the early 90s through global grants extending across 104 countries. IWL was equipped and effective in funding both Geitaoui and Rosary hospitals which were badly damaged by the August 4 2020 Beirut explosion. If you want to lead the change or show support, check out their Facebook Page @innerwheellebanon and get in there.

Meet May Kamareddine

Flipping houses, refurbishing products, revamping interiors or exteriors, or running garage sales, May started early in the 90s with a sharp appreciation for time, space and art. 4M Design House currently stands on her shoulders and each of her daughters Maria, Maya, and Mirna who share an exquisite commitment to design and vintage furniture. 20 years in the making so stay tuned to 4M and reach out. Odds are you will find the piece, space, and light you are looking for. For updates, check them out on Instagram, @4M_designhouse.

Meet Chadia Hamati

Twenty-two years ago, Chadia began offering unique handcrafted jewelry made from gold plated sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Today, her collections range from necklaces to brooches and earrings and are displayed through exclusive annual and biannual exhibitions in Lebanon and in the Middle East. For more on this line of Handcrafted Art Jewelry check out her Instagram account, @chadiahamatijewerly .

Meet Katie Jeha Chikhani

Cancer, life, executive coaching, and consultation of the rarest kind – a special shoutout to this woman who has been reshaping our world from the early 90s. A precursor to certified professional coaching with real life mileage and vetted perspective on strife, trauma and other vulnerabilities. Moral of her story is that you have to take good care of yourself. For more on her story, qualifications, and your curiosity – check out her website and Instagram account, @catherine.chikhani

Meet Hilda Kammoun

Two-time published author of Rewiring the Unconscious and Think with Your Wallet, Hilda will soon unveil her third book, The Great Divide. Local Lebanese authorship 20 years in the making with a doctorate in economics and four languages to back it. So in case you want to know more about economic uncertainty, or how your neurons develop, rewire and how you decide, or what is happening to American culture and identity in case you want to emigrate there, check out her blog or Twitter feed @hildakammoun!

The one that got away: Yolla Maria

Yolla cofounded in 1999 with her most trusted partners, husband Michel Maria, and children Michèle and Georges, the renowned design studio Maria Group. Her legacy and ever forceful architecture, interior design, and product design hub necessitates no introduction. It pushed Beirut to the forefront of the design landscape with its mission and values, and acted as a precursor of work life balance and work from home. So don’t be stranger and get more acquainted with Maria Group.