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Taleen El Gharib 23 Jul 2021

Insensitive “The Blast” Party To Happen On August 3rd

Lebanese people just don’t seem to run out of horrible ideas.

Apparently, a pool party is being hosted on August 3rd, a day prior to the one year commemoration of the devastating August 4 blast that completely wiped out our capital city. To make things even worse, the event is called “THE BLAST”.

Almost a year after the blast and we are still suffering the repercussions, not only the physical damages inflicted on the city, but the psychological and economical as well. We’re unsure as to how none of the people taking part in the event realized the extent of its insensitivity, or who thought this was a good idea in the first place.

Regardless, there is a huge ethical responsibility on Lebanese people when it comes to the state of the country. With a worsening economic and financial crisis and no justice for blast victims in sight, it goes without saying that hosting events like these are not okay.

Shame on whoever came up with the idea, whoever is taking part, and anyone who bought tickets to the party.