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Katerina Hakmeh 26 Jul 2021

Lebanese Documentary ‘Enough’ Wins Movie That Matters Award 2021 at Cannes

A documentary on Lebanon by Australian-Lebanese filmmaker, journalist, and entrepreneur Daizy Gedeon has received the Better World Fund’s Movie That Matters Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2021.

Gedeon’s movie brings attention to the dire economic and social situation in Lebanon, but mostly gives hope and highlights the possibility for change: the time for change has come; the Lebanese people have had enough.

ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour puts the spotlight on all the insidious forces currently at work bringing the country to its knees and resulting in an unprecedented economic collapse which is leaving more than 60% of the population in poverty and/or unable to withdraw their own money from their bank accounts.

Seen through the eyes of the Lebanese-Australian filmmaker, ENOUGH leads us on a journey of a new knowledge about the country behind the tragedies seen on social media and into the heart of reality, deep into the significant and psychological causes behind the collapse and annihilation of Lebanon.

“Our country is in a state of complete annihilation by a group of people who are no longer leaders, but instead rapists of our nation and are taking away our dignity. My documentary prosecutes the case against these people and brings to light as it travels around the world the truth of what they are doing to this country which was the Paris of the Middle East and today is the garbage pit of the world”, said Gedeon in her speech upon receiving the award.

Congratulations to Gedeon and her crew on a job well done.