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Beirut.com 26 Jul 2021

15 Things More Stable Than The Lira Exchange Rate

The Lira exchange rate has literally been tap dancing on our nerves for the past few days. Here are a bunch of things we think are more stable than the lira exchange rate:

1. Your ex

Remember when you thought there was nothing more unstable than your ex? Lol.

2. A Lebanese man when you talk about women’s rights

Henne byenharo but the lira btenhar aktar.

3. Your mom when she sees you go out without a jacket on

4. Samy Gemayel during his speeches

5. Your teta when you tell her you’re not hungry

6. This table:

7. Your love life

Debatable but we’re keeping it on the list.

8. Med students

Lol akid.

9. This guy:

10. Ross every time he says he’s “fine”

11. Kim Kardashian looking for her diamond earring in the ocean

12. Cat owners

13. People who eat their KitKat like this:

14. People who prefer center slice instead of corner pieces

15. Morning people

You guys need help.