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Beirut.com 28 Jul 2021

20 Snacks Every Lebanese 90s Kid Binged On

Our piece on the 20 sweets every Lebanese 90s kid binged on triggered our appetite big time, so we couldn’t just stop there…here are 20 more snacks we all binged on!

1. The struggle was REAL

2. So real it hurts

3. And the choice was hard

4. Oh, so hard

5. The one to beat them all

6. The one to beat the one to beat them all


8. Never one without the other

9. Stuffing your face with sticks was regular business

10. More sticks

11. There’s something about sticks that just, sticks

12. How confusing does it get?

13. Seriously though

14. Zwan products were the real deal

15. [More critical life decisions]

16. Let’s not forget about the stickiest sweets of all time

17. And the twirliest treats of all time

18. Can you feel the sweetness dripping all the way down to your chin already?

19. Your taste buds probably still haven’t recovered from how salty this was

20. Yes, yes, we’ve saved the best for last