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Labib Mansour 30 Jul 2021

7 Spots For Delicious Ashta Ice Cream

The food we’ve all massively consumed this summer is definitely ice cream. And of course, the ELITE ice cream flavor is obviously creamy Ashta rolled in delicious pistachio nuts!

Here are 7 spots that serve delectable astha ice cream, check them out!

1. Bouzet Salem, Kousba

Open for decades and still tastes as good as the first day! A mountain of creamy ashta smothered in crunchy pistachios, YUM. Due to the financial crisis, they have started swapping out the pistachios for other chopped nuts depending on availability – but it still stands as one of the best.

2. Khalaf and Abou Sleiman, Zahle

Also known as Al Berdawni ice cream, Khalaf and Abou Sleiman is a spot known for offering premium ice cream made with all natural ingredients. It has been open since 1948 and we cannot recommend the ashta and pistachios enough! It’s the perfect treat to grab while you walk around in Berdawni.

3. Nashawati, Jbeil’s Souk

A wide variety of flavors, each of which made to perfection.

4. Assaf, Ghobeiry

This spot came highly recommended by readers! They make delicious, all-natural ice cream with a delightful ashta and honey combo. Don’t miss out on trying it.

5. Awad Ice cream, Ghazir

Their creamy ashta is mounted HIGH on that cone. This spot is beloved by many and for good reason! Their decadent and fresh ice cream hits the spot each and every time.

6. Bouzet El Balha, Tripoli

One of Tripoli’s most renowned dessert spots! Enjoy their Ashta ice cream topped with pistachio nuts while overlooking Tripoli’s gorgeous Mina.

7. Al Hallab, Tripoli

This beloved dessert spot is iconic, and for good reason. With delicious sweets like knefeh, mafroukeh, and so much more, it’s no surprise they’ve also perfected their ice cream selection. A massive Ashta ice cream cone topped with pistachios is one of Al Hallab’s best flavors.