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William Daou 06 Aug 2021

The Mfat’a Sandwich You Didn’t Know You Needed

Who here loves the traditional Beiruti dessert, mfat’a?

We’ll pause while you all chime in to say you do! It’s a delicious dish made of tahini, sugar, turmeric, and pine nuts that takes over four hours to make one pot, which is usually hand-stirred for the whole time. Talk about muscles!

Well, we’re happy to share that one of the last remaining mfat’a shops in Beirut, Al Makary Sweets, has given this dessert a delightful upgrade.

They are serving a generous portion of halloum cheese slathered in creamy, dreamy mfat’a, all tucked into a soft and pillowy piece of bread. It’s like a knefeh with a twist! The salty halloum cheese perfectly complements the sweet mfat’a, and will keep you coming back for more.

Be sure to try this magical creation and let us know what you think! You can find Al Makary Sweets on Toters if you are in Beirut, or you can visit them at their shop on the main street in Basta. For delivery, call 01-643423.