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Beirut.com 10 Aug 2021

This New Lebanese Queer Film Needs Our Support

The LGBT+ community constitutes a major part of the Lebanese art world, including that of the film scene that has been making impressive strides over the past decade. However, during these hard times, it has become increasingly difficult for creators to finance their projects, with many projects being cancelled.

It’s Just Us is a short queer film about two young women who meet in the heart of Beirut. The film documents their journey of love, lust, and fight. It is a story about the revolution of love

The creators of this film, director Stephanie Moukarzel and producer Sophie Ghaziri, emphasize its urgency with their main goal being to provide an outlet for the unheard queer Arab voices who continuously fight for basic rights, equality, love, and acceptance. The film requires some money to launch its production, so the creators have launched a fundraiser to help them get on their feet. The budget covers necessary shooting equipment, such as cameras, lenses, and lighting, as well as securing locations to film. This short film would give the much-needed queer community in Lebanon some media representation, which would greatly help in breaking down stereotypes and taboos surrounding homosexuality and gender norms. While there is no singular queer experience, increasing representation and discussion of different identities would help pave the way for a more inclusive cinematic production.

If the minimum budget isn’t reached, all the funds raised for this film will go to charities helping the LGBTQ community in Lebanon, so your donation is bound to be used for a good cause either way!

For more information on the nature of the film and how the story will be told, you can check out a podcast episode featuring the producer and director. You’ll also be able to find a more detailed description of the film here.