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Beirut.com 12 Aug 2021

Report Reveals High Amounts Of Bacteria In Locally Sold Dairy Products

Microbiologist and food safety expert Dr. Issmat Kassem published a shocking report revealing the high amounts of bacteria per gram of cheese purchased from different sources around Beirut.

E. coli, a dangerous bacteria that can cause illness, can grow during the process of cheese making. The permitted amount of E. coli per gram of cheese is as low as 100 E. coli per gram with a maximum of 1000 per gram. However, the above report reveals that locally sold cheese contains an alarming amount of E. coli bacteria, ranging from around 4000 E. coli per gram to 79000 per gram.

There have been many cases of food poisoning all over the country, not only due to the constant power cuts but also due to the quality of food consumed.

Cover image: REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir.