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Lama Hajj 16 Aug 2021

So We’re All Miserable, Now What?

We’re going to pause for a moment until the people who say, “but you’re a city guide, you should spread positive news about Lebanon!” leave this chat.

So you’ve found yourself completely and utterly miserable. I won’t spend time detailing all the ways your life has become exceedingly difficult as that would be 1. insulting, and 2. in no way comprehensive. Fact of the matter is, anyone living on this land knows what goes into making every 24 hour cycle tick by, and just how much it chips away at your being, day by day.

What we’re left with is a schism: a group of political die-hards who support their za3eem and their nonexistent socio-economic plan, and the rest of us who are waiting for them to get over it.

I think of the biggest fears we are currently experiencing is that we’ll someday look back at these days in yearning. Could things possibly get worse? In some ways, we’ve learned not to tempt fate. Many of us are now looking back at the past two years and thinking of them as the good ole days.

So, you’re miserable! We are too. There are no ways around or out of this feeling, only through. In order to feel better, even if momentarily — you could try to keep this in mind:

Recognize that we are going through the unthinkable. You do not have to beat yourself up for not feeling grateful or happy, these are insane times and you should not expect yourself to “cheer up”. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings.

If you or somebody you know is experiencing suicidal ideations, please call 1564. Embrace’s mental health support hotline is there to help.