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Marianne Hassoun 17 Aug 2021

These Spots Opened Their Doors For People Needing AC/Charging

There is no doubt that our government has excelled in preventing a whole nation from accessing the most basic of needs: electricity.

With large shortages of fuel, areas around Lebanon have now entered a state of total blackout which has threatened several aspects of their daily life, including work. For that reason, many local businesses have opened their doors for everyone in need to recharge their electronics or even cool down in the AC, as long as their generators are functioning.

Businesses and organizations stepping in where our government and state have miserably failed.

Please note that opening hours might change as fuel supplies dwindle.

1. Mayrig

2. Haven The Cabin

3. The Sage Parlour

4. The Black Eye Coffee Shop

5. Moods Pub

6. Funjan Qahwa

7. The Duke Beirut

9. Nippon Restaurant

10. Encore Seaview Resort Club

11. Caspers & Gambini’s

12. Tribus

13. Lebanese Music School

14. Aaylias Books

15. Sputnik V

16. V.I Pet Animal Center