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Marianne Hassoun 20 Aug 2021

Supermarkets Now Experience Shortages In Bottled Water

Catastrophes continue to pile up.

An alarming tweet shared by CNN producer Tamara Qiblawi confirms what so many of us have noticed over the past few weeks: Lebanon is experiencing yet another shortage, this time of bottled water.

Supermarkets are struggling to provide bottled water due to little to no supply from bottling plants. This is largely aggravated by the fact that Lebanon’s tap water is unsafe to drink and considered to be very contaminated. The reason behind this shortage happens to be another shortage: the fuel crisis. Speaking to CNN on this matter, Heiko Wimmen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon director at Crisis Group said, “Drinking water is all about transportation. If you don’t have diesel, you can’t get water from the mountain to the coast”.

The ongoing fuel crisis has obviously snowballed into a mass tragedy that has put over 70% of the Lebanese population under the poverty line. The month of August has been challenging for us all.