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Taleen El Gharib 23 Aug 2021

Air France Offers Free Extra Baggage For Flights From Paris To Beirut

With a dreadful shortage of almost all basic necessities, life in Lebanon becomes more and more nightmarish. For this reason, many have resorted to asking the Lebanese diaspora to bring any essentials with them for when they’re visiting.

Air France announced a very helpful gesture to its customers flying from Paris to Beirut. The airline has allowed passengers to bring an additional piece of baggage for free for those who wish to take essential items with them to Lebanon, such as medication or baby formula. The offer is valid until September 20th.

It is a bit disappointing that our own Middle East Airlines did not consider making this an option on their flights. Back in early June, MEA made the decision to charge their customers in fresh dollars instead of LBP due to the skyrocketing fuel prices.

Currently, our only hope of getting our hands on any out-of-stock medications and other necessities is through the Lebanese diaspora. Once again, our government falls short when it comes to helping its own people.