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Beirut.com 30 Aug 2021

Warehouse Raid Uncovers 142 Boxes Of Vital Medication

As patients are on a constant search for over-the-counter and chronic medication, warehouse raids continue to uncover large amounts of stockpiled medication, most of which have been expired for months.

A recent video circulating on social media revealed more than 142 boxes of what was reported to be cancer medication hoarded in a warehouse belonging to Macromed, a pharmaceutical company owned by Rabih Hassouna, former head of the Order of Pharmacists.

Macromed has since issued a statement regarding the allegations, claiming that these needles used for treatment are not generally given to cancer patients. The company reportedly purchased over 1110 of these needles in the first month of 2020 and distributed them to several hospitals all over Lebanon. According to the company, this medication is not in high demand and the remaining 142 boxes were stored in their warehouse.

Regardless, the mass shortage in medication caused by stockpiling by companies and citizens is leaving those in need of treatment fighting for their lives. The situation is becoming increasingly unbearable, as many await life-saving treatments.