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Mia Arawi 06 Sep 2021

6 Newly Opened Spots Around Lebanon

Despite the excruciating economic crisis, some spots are still popping up around town. Here are six newly opened places in Lebanon that you can support if you are able to.

1. Cali, Byblos

A beach, pool, restaurant, boutique, AND party spot all wrapped into one. Don’t miss their amazing seaside parties happening over the weekends.

2. Anu, rooftop of Nabu Museum – Chekka

Perfect for a seaside lunch filled with delicious seafood, or a party all night that will keep you coming back for more.

Did we mention they have a perfect view of the sunset?

3. Olen Bar, Sahel Alma – Jounieh

Overlooking the sea and surrounded by trees, this magnificent new place is a great spot to catch the sunset. Come for the view, stay for the drinks!

4. Kuruma Sushi, Jeanne d’Arc – Hamra

This spot started in Germany and recently landed in Beirut! Serving up freshly-made rolls and delectable seafood dishes, this place will put a smile on your face.

5. Fattouh, Zaytouna Bay

Serving up traditional Lebanese meals with all the views Zaytouna has to offer, Fattouh is ideal for arguile lovers.

6. Little Beirut, Hamra Square Center – Hamra

A new Hamra spot serving up a medley of Chinese, Asian, Lebanese, and American cuisines.