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Tanya Maalouf 08 Sep 2021

9 Historical And Cultural Spots To Visit Around Lebanon

There are so many sights to see around the country, and what better way to discover them than with your best friends? Here are 9 spots you can visit with your buddies and create amazing memories.

1. MIM Mineral Museum, Beirut

The Mineral Museum displays a wide variety of the most beautiful and vibrant minerals, and it’s located right by the National Museum. If you’re looking for a very educational date, this could be one hell of a field trip!

2. The abandoned Silk Factory, Kfarmatta

The abandoned silk factory, one of the oldest and largest in Lebanon, has been shut down for quite a long time – but its beauty is not to be missed!

3. Citadel of Raymond de Saint Gilles, Tripoli

The fortress towers over the city, so whether you’re standing right at the top of the structure or you’re spectating from the streets below, you’re in for one hell of a view.

4. Temples of Niha, Beqaa

Niha is famous for its Roman archeological ruins. If you’ve ever been to places like Baalbeck, you’ll definitely enjoy a trip to the Temple of Niha.

5. Jeita Grotto, Jeita

The Jeita Grotto is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Lebanon. You definitely can’t take a trip like this alone! The place is absolutely magical, and we recommend sharing this experience with your closest friends.

6. The Citadel of Smar Jbeil, Batroun

This magnificent structure served as a military observation post sometime during the 12th century AD, but now it’s pretty good for photo-ops too.

7. The Soap Factory, Tripoli

Who else is obsessed with soap? Tripoli is a city that’s not only famous for its delicious food, but for its soap! The soap factory is one of the most famous in the region. It’s perfect to tick off your bucket list.

8. Hammam El Abed, Tripoli

Found in Tripoli’s old souk, Hammam El Abed was built sometime during the 17th century. There are visible traces of the Ottoman Empire as a public bath, as well as its rustic dome-like architecture. It’s definitely an experience you would want to endure with your buddies!

9. Gibran Museum, Bcharre

If you are a poetry and art lover, then you’ve probably read Gibran Khalil Gibran’s works. Luckily for you, there is a museum dedicated to Gibran!