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Beirut.com 15 Sep 2021

20 Things That Lebanese Dads Adore

But your mom always comes first [kinda].

1. The remote control.

A relationship like our dads and keeping the remote safe.

2. Walking into the house with 65 crates of all the fruits and vegetables.

You loved that peach you had yesterday? You better know your dad will come home with 34 kilos.

3. Oum Koulthoum.

And blasting her music during car rides.

4. Post-lunch naps.

These are sacred.

5. Their keresh.

We all adore them though.

6. Snoring.

7. Referring you back to your mother.

Who refers you back to your father. It’s a vicious cycle.

8. Watching the news.

Even if the same news, EVERYDAY.

9. Their “#1 Dad” mug.

The one you once got him for Father’s Day.

10. Narrating war stories from their childhood.

“Baba nehna bi iyem el hareb…”

11. Your mom’s cooking.

“Fi atyab men akel el beit?” “I LOVE IT”

12. Taking care of the car.

Car wash twice a week even though there’s no benzene? Yes.

13. Solving all our problems because they’re the best.

14. Black coffee.

15. Thinking they’re ridiculously cool…

“Baba bas ana kenet bi 3omrokoon kenet el jagal”

16. …and thinking they’re hilarious.

Which they are with their dad jokes.

17. Farrouj.


18. Their embroidered robe.

19. Teaching their kids how to drive.

And making them cry afterwards.

20. And of course, their children, forever and always.