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Taleen El Gharib 24 Sep 2021

Check Out This Frida-Inspired Guesthouse In Batroun

If you’re really into feminist icons, artists, or just colorful and aesthetically pleasing spots to relax in, there’s a beautiful Frida-inspired guesthouse in the heart of Batroun you have got to visit.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter famous for her colorful and brilliant portraits, and anyone who has seen her art can imagine how breathtaking a place inspired by her work would look like. Here’s Bayt Frida!

The guesthouse stays true to a Frida-esque interior with its use of primary colors and floral decorations. The joyful use of colors is bound to brighten up your spirits after a long week of chaos.

This place is perfect to unwind and forget your troubles for a weekend!

The trees surrounding the area will make you feel disconnected from the world, so you can truly have a worry-free time. Now as the weather cools, a place like this sounds all the more perfect!

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