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Tanya Maalouf 01 Oct 2021

Escape Reality At One Of These 7 Gorgeous Cabins In Nature

As some of us find comfort in our own homes, others seek an escape into the wilderness for some fresh air in the great outdoors. Since the weather keeps getting cooler, we’ve compiled a list of 7 stunning cabins that you could rent for the perfect weekend getaway.

1. Beit Alia, Tannourin

The scenic valley and mountains surrounding Beit Alia frame the space perfectly and provide the serenity your soul has been craving.

2. La Maison De La Foret, Bkassine

This spot is located between stunning greenery and lush pine forests. If you’re in the mood to get a tiny bit adventurous, the offer outdoor activities that’s guaranteed a fun time.

3. Chebanieh Home & Garden, Chebanieh

Located in the stunning town of Chbenieh, this welcoming cabin will be your favorite sweet escape. This place makes for the perfect getaway for families, friends, couples, and people who cherish their alone time.

4. Shouweta Cabin, Kfarhelda

A bohemian-style retreat, Shouweta cabin is the ultimate nature therapy getaway. Did we mention you’ll be surrounded by fresh oak trees?

5. Hayrouna Aytou, Zgharta

A gorgeous cabin in the woods that will make you fall in love with nature. If you’re the type of person that finds comfort in solitude, then this spot is the made just for you!

6. UŽÍT, Ehden

Do you love listening to the sound of waterfalls right before you sleep? This can now be a reality as UŽÍT is located right by Ehden’s mesmerizing waterfalls.

7. River Zen, Chouf

River Zen is a beautiful escape that will certainly revive your soul. You can either bring your own tents or stay in one of their private cabins, which are perfectly furnished for your own comfort.