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Melissa Sleiman 04 Oct 2021

13 Delicious Breakfasts To Have Around Beirut

The best way to start your day is to have a fulfilling breakfast because NOTHING beats some good breakfast food. We’ve compiled some of the yummiest breakfast dishes you can try around Beirut.

1. Avo Egg from L’Avo, Hamra

With your choice of boiled or fried organic egg, enjoy this avocado and toast-y goodness!

2. Pomegranate Zaatar from Uniun, Mar Mikhael

You are going to love their unique manouche menu!

3. Fattet Hommos from El Denye Hek, Mar Mikhael

If you enjoy a more traditional breakfast, this one’s for you!

4. Swiss Cheese Omelet from Tota, Mar Mikhael

Pair it with a delicious cup of coffee and voila.

5. Rainbow Bowl from Cantina Sociale, Ashrafieh

You’ll never find a breakfast this colorful.

6. Grilled Halloumi from Urbanista, any location

Urbanista’s breakfast options are elite.

7. Sunny Side Up Pizza from Bartartine, any location

Pizza for breakfast? Yes please!

8. Literally any Kaakeh of your choice from Kaakeh Square, Mar Mikhael

Our love for Kaak is unconditional.

9. A traditional Lebanese breakfast from Abou Hassan, Bourj Hammoud

Warning: this video may cause extreme hunger.

10. The Madison Bagel from The High Llama, Ashrafieh

Revolutionizing bagels is an understatement.

11. Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes from The Slow, Mar Mikhael

A vegan’s dream come true!

12. Manoushe from The Lebanese Bakery, Ashrafieh

You need to tick this one off your bucket list!

13. The Breakfast Flatbread from SuperVega, Badaro

Two sunny side up eggs on a toasted flatbread covered in Labneh. Yum.