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Katerina Hakmeh 06 Oct 2021

Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Break The Stigma

October marks Down Syndrome Awareness Month, so let’s celebrate individuals with Down Syndrome through acknowledging their potential and special achievements! Born with an extra copy of chromosome 21, individuals with Down Syndrome always highlight their distinctive abilities to create wonderful initiatives that add extra love to their surroundings.

Agonist Coffee Shop is one of these amazing initiatives founded by a passionate physical therapist. Through employing people with special needs and giving them a chance to shine, this place has been changing the way customers accept, respect, and love people with disabilities!

Another wonderful project we’d like to introduce you to is The Good Family by SESOBEL, an amazing shop that offers specialty pastries, handmade cookies, linen creations, and unique gifts with all proceeds going to the children SESOBEL, the renowned social service for the welfare of children with disabilities.

This celebration cannot be complete without spreading awareness about this social cause and reminding our society to get rid of false negative perceptions about these individuals with exceptional ability, as creatively demonstrated by this famous advertisement directed by Tony el Kanaan.

After all, an extra chromosome doesn’t mean they’re down. It means they impact the lives of people who are down with their contagious smile, heavenly hug, and a heart of gold!