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Mia Arawi 16 Oct 2021

20 Times Lebanese Twitter Saved Lebanon

Lebanese Twitter has had its moments with some of the most hilarious tweets that could literally save Lebanon. Here are some of our favorite Twitter hall of fame moments.

1. The “Lemon Doubly” fiasco

2. When Elie Ferzli threw that one (of many) temper tantrum

3. Literally anything about Gebran Bassil

4. Lebanese Twitter humor = unmatched.

5. This gem

6. When it was time for Michel Hayek’s predictions for 2021

7. Remember Biden’s inauguration?

8. We NEED new Miss Lebanon memes this year

9. Reactions to Raoul Nehme’s crocodile tears

10. And then there were two…

11. Ba3d fi hada Zomato gold aslan?

12. In case you forgot this meme existed

13. Eno eh saraha

14. Enhiyar in one picture.

15. Anything about Hamad Hassan was iconic

16. Food for thought.

17. Oh no

18. Timeless

19. Someone give this cow some money

20. The time WhatsApp and Instagram crashed