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Lynn Fakhry 08 Oct 2021

Emma Chamberlain Living The Lebanese Life Without Even Knowing

Have you ever found the 20-year-old American Youtuber to be highly relatable? I think I know why.

Here are 6 reasons why Emma Chamberlain is living a Lebanese person’s life without even knowing it:

1. She loves traveling to France

You’re now either looking at the Eiffel Tower from your tiny room’s window or looking forward to it.

2. She basically lives on hummus both as a daily dish and universal dip


3. She suffered from a sudden matcha obsession

I have five words for you: Chatime matcha milk tea, Bliss.

4. She has a passion for thrift shopping

You have a passion for paying less. Not much less because Lebanese thrift shopping is now as expensive as in-store buying.

5. She can be fancy on a budget

Emma literally poured black coffee and milk into a wine glass to feel something.

6. She wakes up very early in the morning

While she does it by choice, you have no choice but to wake up at 4 AM to avoid morning traffic, wait in the fuel station queue, or simply because there’s no electricity and you’re burning hot.

The only thing we don’t approve of is Emma eating her fruits and veggies without washing them first. My Lebanese mom would NEVER!