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Lynn Fakhry 18 Oct 2021

10 Delightful Hidden Gems Around Lebanon

Lebanon might be a small country, but it is buzzing with exciting new places around every corner!

Today, we discover ten stunning hidden gems in Lebanon, going all the way from the city to the mountains:

1. Even

A new pet-friendly work and study space in Byblos, lodged in a 300+ years old house.

2. BlackEye

Another new cozy coffee shop on Mastita main road that makes delicious frappes and homemade sweets.

3. Barzakh

Hamra’s warm bookstore with a huge selection of English and Arabic books for all ages. It has a welcoming atmosphere and offers coffee and snacks as well.

4. Drink On The Side

Known as “The Pub In The Mountain” this pub is located in the heart of Hammana’s old souk and is suitable for both family and friends gatherings.

5. WŌD

A homey space on Jbeil seaside where you can study at day and party at night. They host a karaoke night every Tuesday.

6. Stay7etna Café

A rooftop café on Ghosta main road characterized by its traditional Lebanese vibes and a breathtaking mountain view.


A Lebanese restaurant located in the beautiful village of Bsharri, famous for its Mozzarella Burger and Ras Asfour Bil Karaz.

8. Stay7a

A cocktail bar in Maydane Valley – Kafarrouman specialized in making unique herbal-based cocktails.

9. Minus

A sunset restaurant/bar at Al Miden Ehden famous for its old Arabic music nights “Layali Tarab”.

10. Soha Village

An escape resort in the village of Falougha with lodging, restaurants, and several activities available, such as hikes and campfires.