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Bassel Obeid 20 Oct 2021

Gasoline Prices Up By 1064% Since The Beginning Of 2021

Financial journalist Omar Tamo shared an infographic on his Twitter account comparing the prices of diesel, gasoline, and cooking gas for 20 Litres from the beginning of the year to October 20th, 2021.

The price of gasoline skyrocketed from about 26,000LL for 20 Litres in January to 302,700LL, an increase of 1064% in less than a year. The same applies to diesel and cooking gas, which witnessed an increase of 1371% and 934% respectively.

The soaring inflation and unstable economic situation in Lebanon have left citizens in a humiliating state of living, and as the winter season nears, we wonder how families will be able to afford cooking gas and heating for their homes.