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Mia Arawi 27 Oct 2021

Georges Kordahi Trends After Another Media Fumble

Remember when former Minister of Foreign Affairs Charbel Wehbe was made to resign after making controversial remarks about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Well, it appears as though Minister of Information Georges Kordahi saw that and said…

Wednesday morning kicked off in Lebanon with Prime Minister Najib Mikati and his cabinet scrambling to both distance themselves and cover up inflammatory comments that Kordahi had previously made about KSA and the United Arab Emirates. The comments had been circulating on social media, and were harshly condemned by the ambassador of Yemen to Lebanon and the Gulf Cooperation Council, both of whom called upon Kordahi to apologize.

As a result, the Minister was trending on Twitter at #1, here were some of the comments:

Unfortunately, it’s never a dull day.