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Beirut.com 27 Oct 2021

Happy Birthday Elissa! 11 Times She Was Hilarious On Twitter

The Lebanese icon Elissa turns 49 today!

In honor of her birthday, we bring to you 11 times she was absolutely hilarious on Twitter:

1. When she made us all feel better:

2. When she had this unforgettable concert:

3. When she retweeted this, making her the least relatable person on Earth with her Valentino fur coat:

4. When she was intimate with us, her followers:

5. When she explained how mirrors work; thanks, girl:

6. When she made narcissism adorable:

7. When she dropped this subtle #HumbleBrag:

8. When she made a non-political fashion choice:

9. When this got 133 retweets:


11. And when she got political on us: