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Mia Arawi 29 Oct 2021

12 Things You’ll Hear From Your Lebanese Mom When You Get Sick

It’s a winning combination of anger, blame, and very aggressive nurture.

1. Daharti sha3rik mayy!

Lebanese mothers vs showers.

2. Hayda min el telephone yalli b dal b 2eedkon.

Breaking news: phones give you bronchitis.

3. Your AC is set to 16 degrees all night, akeed you’re going to get sick.

4. Your throat hurts because you drank that can of Pepsi last month.

5. Shrabo 7amod/na3na3/mawared/mazaher.

6. Kamm marra 2ayletlkon tekhdo jacket? Lashoo tesma3o men emkoun?

Then it turns into this whole lecture on how we’re not helping her around the house.

7. Betnemo mkashfeen 3an batnkon.

8. Eh haleek meshe 7afy bil beit.

9. Meen byekol bouza bil shatwiye?

Keep in mind it would be around 30 degrees.

10. Hayda min el akel yaly btakloo min barra, lashoo teklo bel beit

11. Shu baddik bel panadol ana ba3mellik shi ahsan bel bet

*cue the weirdest home remedies*

12. Ha 2a3mellik shawrabet 3adas 3a jem3a