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Melissa Sleiman 20 Nov 2021

10 Spots For Dreamy, Creamy Hot Chocolate In Lebanon

Colder weather calls for a cup of hot chocolate to warm your soul!

1. Unicorn Coffee House, Broumana

This FRIENDS-inspired coffee house promises to give you “Your Daily Dose of Magic” with its ever-changing decorations and deliciously blended drinks! Don’t forget to ask for EXTRA marshmallows!

2. Smushkies, Mar Mikhael

A spot to make all of your dessert dreams come true, alongside a cup of delicious hot chocolate!

3. Sip, Gemmayzeh

Pretty in pink! This coffee house is a combination of vintage and charming – the ultimate setting for a creamy sip of hot cocoa.

4. The Backburner, Saifi

Ever heard of spicy hot chocolate? A smooth chocolate drink with a kick that will warm up your day the right way.

5. Sekkar Nabet, Amchit

Located in beautiful Amchit, this coffee house will put you in the fall mood with its cozy decor and delicious drinks. Why not sip on your hot chocolate while overlooking a stunning panoramic sea view?

6. Diell, Hamra

A quaint and wonderful all-encompassing cafe that is open on Makdessi Street in the heart of Hamra!

7. Haven The Cabin, Jbeil

Hot chocolate, a picturesque sunset, and some blankets to keep you warm are how you should get ready for the cold weather!

8. Sift Bakery, Badaro

This Badaro gem has us hooked on its adorable setting and mouthwatering fresh pastries. Their hot cocoa is a must-try and it is best paired with their tiny desserts for the ultimate fall treat.

9. Cafe Younes, several locations

The famous coffee connoisseur is also a master of hot chocolate!

10. L’Appartement, Ashrafieh

Cuddle up to the perfect cup of hot chocolate under the fall leaves! The best place to sit back and enjoy the weather.