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Beirut.com 02 Nov 2021

On World Manouche Day: 13 Times Man’ouche Saved Your Life

Today is World Man’ouche Day. That’s right, our favorite breakfast has got a day dedicated to appreciating how delicious and satisfying it is, and we’re here for it!

In honor of this special occasion, we decided to collectively remember all the times a man’ouche was here for us.

1. When it was the end of the month and it kept you full and happy for as little as 2,000 L.L.

Now it’s more like 20,000 LL. Here’s how 9 spots around Lebanon are currently pricing their man’ouche.

2. When it gave you a taste of home by being frozen and sent to you during your semester abroad.

3. When it resolved your indecisiveness by giving you the option of a cocktail man’ouche.

An elite combination if you ask us.

4. When a Man’ouche date was the best kind of date.

It gave you an excuse to talk to your cute colleague.

5.When it made every Sunday family breakfast THAT much better.

Man’ouche soft and fluffy, fresh out of the oven? Yes, please.

6. When it motivated you to get out of bed in the morning.

7. When it was the best thing to serve in mini sizes at your birthday parties.

8. When it accompanied you on all your road trips as the perfect breakfast.

9. When it worked for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during those lazy no cooking days.

And it tastes good 3 times a day.

10. When it served as the ideal free meal after a whole month of no carbs.

11. When it served as the ultimate way to please your friends visiting from abroad.

Just buy them a simple mankousheh and watch the smiles unfold!

12. When it put crepes to shame by being a sturdier and yummier Nutella and banana wrap.

13. When it gave you a new reason to celebrate, with #WorldMan’oucheDay!