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Tanya Maalouf 02 Nov 2021

Here’s How Much A Man’ouche Costs At These 9 Places

November 2nd marks World Man’ouche Day, but the economic crisis has turned this affordable national breakfast into more of an occasional treat for some.

To see exactly how bad things are, we called up nine man’ouche spots around Lebanon to see how their prices have changed, here’s what they’re going for.

Psst…remember when we used to pay 1,000 LL for a zaatar and 1,500 LL for a cheese?

1. Wooden Bakery, Various Locations

Cheese: 32,000 L.L
Zaatar: 11,000 L.L

2. Keyrouz Bakery, Jisr El Bacha

Cheese: 25,000 L.L
Zaatar: 10,000 L.L

3. Beaino Bakery, Sarba

Cheese: 30,000 L.L
Zaatar: 9,000 L.L

4. Zaatar w Zeit, Various Locations

Cheese: 34,000 L.L
Zaatar: 12,000 L.L

5. Furn Merchak, Batroun

Cheese: 25,000 L.L
Zaatar: 10,000 L.L

6. Sumo Chaker, Sarba

Cheese: 35,000 L.L
Zaatar: 10,000 L.L

7. Furn el Sabaya, Amchit

Cheese: 25,000 L.L
Zaatar: 7,000 L.L

8. Gracy’s Bakery, Bsaba

Cheese: 25,000 L.L
Zaatar: 8,000 L.L

9. The Lebanese Bakery, Achrafieh

Cheese: 28,000 L.L
Zaatar 9,000 L.L.