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William Daou 04 Nov 2021

12 Places In Lebanon Ideal For People Who Hate People

Not all of us are social butterflies who enjoy being in the presence of other people. If you’re trying to find a perfect haven for yourself but still want to have a good time, here are 12 places in Lebanon that are perfect for just that!

1. Even, Jbeil

A new pet-friendly work and study space in Byblos, lodged in a 300-year-old house!

2. WORDS, Ehmej

True to their motto: sip and chill on the gates of Laklouk. This is the ultimate spot for some “me time”.

3. BEYt Garden Café, Mar Mikhael

A quiet spot right in the heart of Beirut, away from the busy streets and city noise.

4. Antwork, Kantari

This place creates the best “work from home” experience, tailored to your liking.

5. Blackeye Coffee Shop, Jbeil

A cozy coffee shop on Mastita main road that makes delicious frappes and homemade sweets!

6. Sara et Karim, Tripoli

A must-visit adorable spot in Tripoli where you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a slice of delectable cake, all in a quaint and colorful space.

7. Unicorn Coffee House, Broumana

A one of a kind coffee house with vibes that will definitely uplift your mood.

8. La Ménagerie, Ashrafieh

The beautiful homey spot boasts a gorgeous interior and rustic setting.

9. HÖM Cafe, Hamra

Probably the most zen spot in Hamra! Anyone up for some meditation?

10. Sift, Badaro

A wonderful cafe right in the heart of Badaro. Be sure to try those fresh bakes.

11. Green’s, Saida

“The home of coffee, cheeses, and freshly baked bread” — what more can you ask for?

12. Vee, Amioûn

A brand new “Mode de vee” (pun intended).