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Tanya Maalouf 04 Nov 2021

20 Thoughts You Have While Applying For A Job In Lebanon

Being in this country is hard enough. Add unemployment to the mix and you’re in for a ride.

Here are some thoughts you may have while applying for jobs in Lebanon.

1. Khalline 7adir 7ale nafsiyan lal rejection emails

2. Entry-level AND two years of experience?

Do people not know what entry-level means?

3. Wait la 2a3mol update lal CV

*adds “I am Lebanese” to list of skills*

4. To be unemployed or to have a shitty salary?

5. Being too scared to ask if they cover transportation

6. Lesh battal 7ada y7ot adde l ma3ash bel job description?

Then you find out why after they tell you…

7. Bro LinkedIn is a scam

*clicks on Easy Apply the second they see it*

8. Kif ya3ne 3am tes2alune where I see myself in 5 years? Mhejar habibe, mhejar

9. Tab men l ekher adde l ma3ash?

10. Kes ekht hal CV iza elo aaze

11. Remote job? IN

Can’t wait to ignore my boss cos “ma 3ende kahraba”

12. Ok bas adde b he2elle days off

Already prepping for when you want to slack off

13. La2 ma fine ballesh free internship shahren, khlosna free labor bro

14. “Works well under pressure”? Lol benhar bas ma le2e wara2 toilet but ok

15. Awlkon byetla3le interview?

16. *applies to 20 jobs without even checking requirements*

Ella ma 7ada yelkeshne right?

17. Awlkon fi ascenseur bas trou7 el kahraba bel office?

18. It’s not in my field bas la ayre

And then you just apply randomly.

19. Nshallah ma yes2aloone shu my goals in life

All I want is to no longer be in a constant state of enhiyar

20. Awlkon benhar zyede eza shtaghalet?

For a funny video on Lebanese job interviews, check this out: