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Lynn Fakhry 04 Nov 2021

10 Places To Have A Donut In Lebanon (Other Than Dunkin’)

Today happens to be the second National Donut Day because one is not enough to celebrate these sugary treats. Donut let the day pass without biting into a sweet fried bun from one of these 10 shops!

1. Hanson Doughnuts, at Donbaker Pizzeria

If you’re the type to enjoy a sweet breakfast, stop by this place for an explosive chocolate treat!

2. XnDoughs, Clemenceau

Birthday cake? No, donuts.

3. Mr. Donut Factory, Tripoli

If you love Dunkin’s Munchkins, you’ll love these! Dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles.

4. Al Mouajjanati, Hamra

This Lebanese bakehouse makes the most delicious mou3ajjanat ever, so you can guess how drool-worthy their donuts are.

5. Coffee Club, Jounieh

Pairing a cup of coffee with one of their sugary donuts is orgasmic!

6. Bakerloo, Furn El Chebbek

Their donuts taste like rainbows, we’re not joking.

7. Baguette Du Rond, Beit Mery

Some may call it a donut sandwich, but we just call it the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. Giant Donuts, Homemade

As the name implies…their donuts are HUGE.

9. Donuts by Eliane, Homemade

Can you even tell these are homemade? Absolutely mouthwatering!

10. Donutella, Homemade

The perfect present for any occasion. Who would you gift this yummy box of treats to?

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