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Mia Arawi 05 Nov 2021

8 Places To Enjoy If You’re A People Person

Do you hate people? Check out this list of 12 places that are perfect for you. If you just so happen to love people, here are 8 places you need to check out.

1. Pacifico, Ashrafieh

Latin music, bottomless nachos, and TONNES of people! Enjoy sitting outside on Pacifico’s terrace with a drink or two, and people watching until you drop.

2. Dead End Paradise, Gemmayzeh

With dance poles, casual seating, and a swing to boot, this place is definitely all fun and no bull.

3. 16MM, Gemmayze

Movie lovers, who doesn’t want to enjoy a mid-afternoon drink while watching a movie? Invite new friends to make some memories.

4. Fool’s Bar , Hamra

Drinks on a rooftop while overlooking a stunning panoramic view? Yes, please!

5. Kalei Coffee Co., Mar Mikhael

The perfect place to be productive and meet new people.

6. Pool D’etat, Hamra

A chill, hip rooftop hangout with music, awesome drinks, and delectable food.

7. Community, Badaro

This spot is perfect for groups who want to go out for drinks and have a bite!

8. B Hive, Hamra

With three floors dedicated to co-working spaces, a coffee shop and an art area, B Hive is the ideal place for working and studying while being a social butterfly!