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Beirut.com 08 Nov 2021

Lebanon’s Suicide Hotline Reports 25 Calls/Day, Up 400% From 2019

Unsurprising but still heartbreaking, Lebanon’s suicide prevention hotline Embrace’s The Lifeline has put our worrying statistics about the sharp increase in calls into their hotline over the past three years.

In a tweet published on their account, Embrace reports receiving an average of 25 calls every day, a 400% increase from the 5 calls a day they used to receive back in 2019. The calls are increasing every year reflecting the many hardships Lebanon is facing, as stated by the tweet.

Despite the fact that this sharp increase indicates that more and more people are working through issues of mental health and suicidal ideations, we are more thankful than ever that an NGO like Embrace is out there fielding these calls and giving support to those who need it.

Remember that you can reach Embrace’s lifeline by calling 1564. Memorize the number and pass it along, you could be saving a life.