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Labib Mansour β€’ 10 Nov 2021

12 Quick Bites That Will Make Your Wednesday 90% Better

Sorry to break it to you guys, but it’s still Wednesday.

Let’s make it slightly more bearable with these 12 places that offer delectable quick bites!

1. Hamburger from Abou Afif

We swear by their Lebanese-style burgers that everyone should try at least once.

2. Chicken shawarma from Abul 3ezz

Juicy chicken shawarma in markouk with extra toum? Guaranteed to turn that frown upside down.

3. Falafel Sandwich from Falafel Karim Sahyoun

When we think of quick bites, falafel is always the first thing to come to mind!

4. Kafta Kaakeh from Kaakeh Square

Traditional Kaakeh, with a square shaped twist!

5. Escalope burger from Snack Hammoudi

If you haven’t tried Snack Hammoudi’s escalope burger, you are SERIOUSLY missing out.

6. Literally any sandwich from Hajj Nasr

You’ll love how simple, flavorsome, and crispy they are!

7. The chicken sub from Barbar

How can we write this list without including Barbar?

8. Lahm Baajin from Ichkhanian Bakery

Pair it up with a cold Laban Ayran and enjoy! *drool emoji*

9. Shawarma sandwiches from Spiced and Sliced

For shawarma lovers, this not-so-average shawarma includes a modern take on the traditional sandwich.

10. Boneless chicken sandwich from Boneless 28

The best spot for mouth-watering boneless chicken sandwiches filled with finger-licking sauces and spices.

11. Soujouk Shawarma from Basterma Mano

Basterma Mano is the place for a quick snack because shawarma always hits the spot.

12. Simply Kafta from Kaly and Dōw

This wrap puts any other Kafta sandwiches to shame!

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